Over the course of our two days together, you will:

1. Connect Yourself (Individual)

Add your contact details to the table on the participants page.

2. Create a Slide (Individual)

Independently create one "Presentation Zen" style slide with a quote/thought/idea from one of the unconference sessions that resonated with you and an image from Flickr (Creative Commons licensed).

Make sure you:

3. Create a Presentation (Group)

Work on a team to develop a 5 minute presentation exploring the future of learning through one of the lenses (or any other theme under the general topic "the future of learning").

Your presentation must:
  • include a digital artifact which can be shared here on the wiki (a video recording is also ok)

Here are a few presentation format examples to get you started:
  • Ignite (20 slides, 15 seconds per slide on autoplay)
  • TedTalk (shortened to 5 minutes)
  • Talk/Skit
  • Video or other recorded presentation